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Creative Strings Workshop
to Jul 8

Creative Strings Workshop

  • Ohio Wesleyan University (map)
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faculty includes Christian Howes, Joel Harrison, Jason Anick, Mike Barnett, Diana Ladio, Jennifer Vincent, Cedric Easton, Mike Forfia, Nicole Yarling, Gabe Valle, Paul Brown, Kris Keith, George Delancey, Kris Keith, Micah Thomas

Join us for a positively life-changing experience!
July 2 – July 8, 2017 | Columbus, Ohio

For more information + to register: http://christianhowes.com/education/creative-strings-workshop

What happens at the Workshop??

Immersion in small ensemble coaching, clinics, jams, and concerts spanning world music, jazz, rock, and fiddle styles.
Rehearsals and performances alongside master artists, with over 20 performances in different venues.

is it Right for You?

You might be wondering if this conference is right for you and if it’s worth your while. There’s a lot to consider.

So why take time away to attend?

Attending a conference like this gives you:

Growth mindset: Step out of your normal routine and experience new breakthroughs.
Collaboration: Working with 99 other creative musicians means you are with 99 potential collaborators, and maybe even new BFF”s
Connection: Performing with awesome bandleaders live, interacting in several ensembles, while connecting on a musical and human level, is the kind of thing that can change your belief in what’s possible for you.
Exposure: At this event, there’s just something in the air. It changes you.
Are you ready to change the way you make/teach music?
Think about the possibilities that come from sitting in a room alongside 99 people who need no introduction to how you think musically. They don’t just understand it, they live it everyday. Those are the people who can help you take your music to the next level. And they’ll be in Columbus this July.

If you’re worried about making the investment in coming, email me at chris@christianhowes.com or call me at 614-332-8689. I will personally answer you because I want you to feel comfortable and excited about being with us. There is nothing more important to me in my work right now than helping you feel like you’re leaving Columbus with a positively life changing experience this July.

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Micah Thomas Sextet
to Jun 4

Micah Thomas Sextet

  • Dizzy's Club Coca Cola (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Tu 5/30 - set at 11:30
We 5/31 - set at 11:30
Th 6/1 - set at 11:30 + jam session
Fr 6/2 - set at 11:30
Sa 6/3 - set at 11:30 + jam session

piano: Micah Thomas
trumpet: Adam O'Farrill (Tu, Th-Sa), Philip Dizack (We)
alto: Immanuel Wilkins (Tu-Th), Patrick Bartley (Fr-Sa)
tenor: Aaron Burnett
bass: Dean Torrey
drums: Cedric Easton

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